Let's Move To The New Horizon

  • Android is the most dependable, adaptable and superlative platform involving mobile applications.

    We developed hybrid mobile applications based on cross platform which helps in performance irrespective of mobile OS. It works smoothly in Android, IOS, and Windows based mobile.

    We develop industrial as well as commercial applications which enhances communication level of machine tools.

  • Systems often time constrained with real time ability, still fully power pact with dedicated environment, which immensely deals with electrical or mechanical Industry.

    We assemble and build these systems feasible, time-saving and real time.

  • KIOSK systems are self service solution, combining both IT as well as electronics.

    We are expanding the radius of these systems in various sectors like medical, food industries and Public Grievances.

  • Desktop applications are categorized as stand alone and web based applications. Stand alone applications are solely dedicated to computers and laptops. Web-Based applications which demand internet access to download and frame it adaptable by desktops and laptops.

    We inculcate languages which majorly include .Net (please add the required) to develop such applications giving the users effortless and explicit environment to work with.

  • This is the new trend which has been increasing rapidly in past few years.

    We have done projects like home automation using http platforms and database, where in we are trying to work on IoT based products using the recently developed and most used MQTT protocol.

  • We also provide web hosting services or web server, where client can hosted or stored their website on special computers called web server, that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to serve the files that form Web pages to users, in response to their requests, which are forwarded by their computers' HTTP clients. Dedicated computers and appliances may be referred to as Web servers as well.

Our VISION is to produce high efficiency, cost effective, convenient products that integrates trending technologies for organizations, individuals and students.

Our MISSION is to scale up innovation and creativity so as to build and enhance the technology which integrates seamlessly through our products.

At Sublime We do our jobs and work regularly and consistently and our thinking behind every job and analysis will set our new goals which helps us to invent the things we have never before expected.


Sublime is our full fledged technical start-up where the first stone was laid by vending machine design. Our aim is to embellish and develop products which major focus on embedded systems, electronics and IT solutions.

Some of our unrivaled products which facilitate our customers with smart electronic banking equipments, security equipments, gaming and amusement, also evolving web designing and maintenance,Android application development in the field of Information technology.

We encourage new technologies and try and make it ideal to use in our products to make them better, faster, cost efficient and convenient. Contributing the world by helping out students and industries. We practice positivity in our work environment so we can give the best to the world through our products.


Building No. 48, Block N0. 74,
G. M. Bhosale marg, worli B.D.D.
Mumbai -400018.